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Social Media Advertising

Advertising on Social Media

Social Media advertising is effective.  It all starts with your branding and marketing strategy.  Complete our Social Media Questionnaire so that Creative Services can develop and recommend a Strategy that will deliver results based on your goals, target and budget.

Creative Services will develop creative attention-grabbing ads with zinger headlines. We will make sure your ad gets noticed. As with all advertising, results are relative to budget allotted to the advertising program.


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Overview:  Facebook Advertising

The #1 Integrated Advertising Social Networking System


  1. Facebook allows you to learn about specific audiences (likes/dislikes) before you risk budgets or begin targeting what you THINK is your best direction.  They will mine data to show you EXACTLY who your target market is based on the people who already “like” your page, or who have commented on posts.  This saves you time and money allowing you to focus on ad quality instead of targeting.  You can create 2 different ads and deliver them to 2 unique audiences — OR create one ad and send it to two different audiences. 
  2. Facebook recommends that you maximize the “click” of your ad by pushing visitors through a landing page before
    asking them to buy or make a decision on your company.
  3. Facebook ads must use images to grab attention. Your ad may only have a maximum of 20% words.
  4. Establish a Bid Strategy & Budget – Optimized CRM.  We will help you establish a bid strategy around your budget to maximize your dollars and to avoid overspending.

Social Media Questionnaire

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Overview:  Twitter Advertising

Gain website traffic.  Increase online purchases. Engage Discussions.


Types of Campaigns for Twitter Ads:

  1. Website Clicks: Showcase your business and bring interested parties to your website or landing page
  2. Followers: Increase your followers, retweets and build business awareness/buzz.
  3. Engagement: Help twitter users discover interesting content and take part in conversations. Get your best content in front an audience that matters to you at the most effective time in your campaign.
  4. Start conversations with customers: Encourage discussions with new products or services
  5. Push Videos: Show off your new product, discuss an upcoming event, etc.
  6. Promote Mobile Apps: 80% of twitter users are on mobile and they are looking for apps to download.
  7. Quick Promote: Quickly get your best tweets in front of a wider audience. Helps amplify your reach.

Social Media Questionnaire

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Overview:  LinkedIn Advertising

Pros and Cons


LinkedIn’s ad platform is typically thought of as a self-service, typically B2B, social network platform. In considering this uniquely different social media, make sure the Pros will achieve your advertising goals.


  1. Provides great targeting options: job title, employer, role, skills, etc.
  2. Profiles contain more up to date “professional” information compared to what people list on Facebook or Twitter personal profiles, etc.


  • Not a true typical social network, but it isn’t a true content driven platform focused on business connections, so marketers tend to think of it as B2B only — not B2C.
  • Much smaller audience than Facebook, Twitter or Google.
  • Lacks the integration of professional bid management platforms.

Questions to ask before advertising on LinkedIn:

  1. Do I know the job titles of my target audience — and are they on LinkedIn? If so, you can mine for this data to see how many of this target is even available to see your ad or interested in your content prior to putting your ad online.
  2. Do I know where my target audience works? This is important for possible recruiting efforts, targeted sales approaches (your brand in front of the right people at a company you are trying to reach), etc.
  3. Does my target audience have unique skills/interests?
  4. Do I know the type of role my target audience holds at the company? Targeting by role can be very useful when trying to get in front of decision makers.

Social Media Questionnaire